Schuw - Raza Vega EP

Grieche remix

Schuw - Raza Vega
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Schuw - Purple Knives
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Schuw - Blacksmith
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Schuw - Blacksmith (Grieche remix)
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After some succesful releases by Struktur, the time has come to step into the world of the vinyl medium.
Struktur has something special for its first vinyl release. Schuw is an enigmatic duo from Amsterdam focussed on shaky techno and hip-dislocating meta dance. After releasing tracks on tape and CD, Schuw complete the physical trinity with the vinyl release of the Raza Vega EP. 

The A-side features title track Rasza Vega ñ one of their most precious and well-known gems known for its harsh drums and colourful chords. It is accompanied by Purple Knives, which provides a fresh and eclectic take on contemporary techno, reflecting their ever rowing synthesis and endless inner divergence. The B-side consists of the highly explosive Blacksmith, inspired by traditional Japanese drum patterns and Western industrialism. Grieche delivers a formidable remix of Blacksmith, contributing a minimalized and hypnotizing contrast to complete the already heavily divers selection. 

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