Autumns / Verset Zero

Autumns - 50 Plus Some Beers And Wat
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Autumns - Catch Yourself On
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Autumns - Say Everything, Say Nothing
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Verset Zero - Explatio
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Verset Zero - Silencium
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Soil Records retrieves the vinyl as a format with a third reference that confirms the homogeneity and balance in this series of releases. Soil revalidates its commitment to properly structured plurality and grants this division of the catalog the most dynamic temperament of the collection.

Autumns and Verset Zero persevere in the identity of this project with a reference that mixes different registers until achieving an indissoluble standardization. Both the Irish producer and the French artist have in their works synchronic qualities with the current argument that Soil Records exposes on a particularly elitist electronic.

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