Ivax Soyaf - Electronicam 96​/​97 [CTX002]

he most active period in the trajectory of Xavi Fayos dates to the second half of the 90s, because of his precocious interest in all those risky and experimental trends that were cooked outside Spain’s east coast. Being updated in this new world of sounds so vast and so remotely unattainable for the majority of curious music consumers was an arduous task that he knew how to face thanks to his great enthusiasm towards everything that sounded just different. It was usual to see him play a different style each time: from trip-hop to IDM and hard techno, house, electro, acid, industrial, breakbeat, downtempo or even jazz, and all of them touched by his very own style and taken to a higher level of musical quality. 

During those years we would often listen live many of Xavi’s new own tracks at his shows, in which his creative range was like the staging, diverse first of all. For this reason he never bothered to focus on a particular gener and the source that fueled his musical vocation was so vast that his creativity used to vary towards one style or another. 

Xavi is not active in producing music at the moment and he never knows if he’ll be back in the studio at somo point again soon. However, NXT recordings wants to revive some of those great moments he offered us, with this exclusive release of his pieces created around 1996 and 97 in which the artist includes a great variety of field recordings, works that he signed as Ivax Soyaf and that never got published.


released February 18, 2019

Ivax Soyaf - Electronicam 96​/​97 [CTX002]


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