Dominant - Inside My Blood

David Att, Tadeo remixes

Dominant - Inside My Blood
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Dominant - Inside My Blood (David Att remix)
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Dominant - 95
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Dominant - 95 (Tadeo remix)
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Parallel fourth reference comes from the "key artist" Dominant. Into my blood, Dominant focus his energies in a mental and twisty voyage. Current and sincere Techno, really solid.
1995 provides a moment of reflection, emotive techno with a floating progression full of rhythms and melancholic ambients
The first remix is from Spanish producer Tadeo. Hypnotic techno from the outer edges of our galaxy combined with an powerfull and lysergic bassline.
The second remix is from David Att (ex Attemporal). He showing us a killer remix with his unmistakable dark style full of character.

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