Kryss Hypnowave - Costellazioni

Claudio PRC, Sicarius Hahni remixes

Kryss Hypnowave - Ursa Major
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Kryss Hypnowave - Ursa Major (Claudio PRC remix)
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Kryss Hypnowave - Hydra
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Kryss Hypnowave - Hydra (Sicarius Hahni remix)
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'Costellazioni' is the name of the new and awaited No Way Records vinyl release for the beginning of 2019. It's an Ep composed by two pieces signed by Kryss Hypnowave and two remixes created by Claudio PRC and Sicarius Hahni. The originals are two tracks of hypnotic and liquid techno, tribute to the glorious Rising High production. Ursa Major, in the powerful remix of Claudio PRC (The Gods Planet label founder) takes on a deeper and more nocturnal connotation, a cutting diamond for finest dancefloors, while Sicarius Hahni (pupil of No way Records) rework Hydra, making it glide in a field of blooming strawberries. 

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