RNTS ‎– Acid Hazel

Hector OAKS, VELOVR, Brunes remixes

RNTS - Acid Hazel
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RNTS - Acid Hazel (Hector OAKS remix)
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RNTS - Acid Hazel (VELOVR remix)
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RNTS - Acid Hazel (Brunes remix)
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After a long time break MainConcept Music is back with first vinyl release signed by RNTS from Madrid (Spain). 'Acid Hazel' is a simple but obsessive Techno track made as a tribute for the love of oldschool vibes with remixes by 
all MainConcept Music crew. 

First remix is signed by Hector Oaks: aggressive Techno inside. No one can do it like HO: catch essential from the original and keep his point of view: raw, rage, speed, energy. Go away, you can't stop him. Always effective.


VELOVR are back to MCM. Yes, VELOVR duo by Elchk and David Reina come back for this amazing remix. Grey Techno Psycho-Techno We don't know how define their own genre but sure they come from hell (#joke). They are unique, they are addictive. 
Last remix is signed by Brunes. Always trying his thing on to the break Techno genre Brunes signs a remix focused on the most dark side of Acid Hazel: sub and dense atmospheres mixed for a brutal and primary explosion of Techno. 
Be careful.
Enjoy, MainConcept is back.

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