Sarin  - Pshychic Stress

Sarin - Psychic Stress
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Sarin - Interceptor
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Sarin - God Disease
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Liss C. - Sacrify
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Sarin - Total War
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"One of the most evil projects currently emerging from the electronic underground, SRIN combines terrorizing industrial with menacing EBM and black shades of techno, wave and more (...) the artist is also one half of Konkurs, a project with Blush Response, with an excellent release on Veleno Viola." -www.TheBrvtalist.com
"S//RIN's Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Soundtrack: "The music of Iranian-born Emad Dabiri, a/k/a SRIN is full of explosive, militaristic beats and icy synth patterns. It seethes with an urgency and severity that reflects its '80s old school industrial predecessors, while also perfectly suited to the current ominous atmosphere of dark techno dance floors." daily.bandcamp.com/2016/09/01/sarin-feature/
"Psychic Stress" was originally released on a limited 50 copies edition tape on X-Img (Emad Dabiri´s record label). The songs have been mixed again, some synth lines recorded again and mastered for vinyl and digital versions in Sountess studio. The record includes also an UNHUMAN remix of the song "Total War".
Artwork by Sam Mckenzie.
Edition of 400 copies. Co-released with Fill-Lex records.

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