Bas Mooy

Justin Berkovi, Ascion & D. Carbone, Gabeen & Dr. Hoffmann remixes

Bas Mooy - Original
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Bas Mooy - Justin Berkovi remix
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Bas Mooy - Ascion & D. Carbone remix
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Bas Mooy - Gabeen & Dr. Hoffmann remix
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Blind Spot Music has continuously delivered the Techno goods for over the last 3 years on the digital front. Finally it releases its first physical release in the way of vinyl!

We have got together some of our favourite artists of the past few years for this milestone. The original is delivered by none other than Bas Mooy. King of the Echo Echo is exactly that and as such there are some beautiful and subtle use of the echo it is simple yet such an elegant piece of Techno.

Remixes by the legendary Justin Berkovi sees him lay the tracks foundation early on and dips in and out of echo filled percussion and synths leading to a wonderfully crafted breakdown before roaring straight back into action.

Ascion & D.Carbone take is heavy duty and thunders along taking no prisoners. It is held together with a white noise, rumbling beats and baseline with stabs that will leave you wanting more.

Blind Spot's very own Gabeen & Dr Hoffmann who never fail to deliver. Produce a beautiful soundscape, which progresses with echoed fill claps and hi-hats accompanied by a beautiful synth that will have you lost in your own world.

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