Eduardo de la calle - The Pat Price Case EP

Eduardo de la calle - Ingo Swann
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Eduardo de la calle - Remote Viewing
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Eduardo de la calle - Hal Puthoff
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Eduardo de la calle - Dumb Humanity
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Eduardo De La Calle presents his new 12 inches in the new Rhod platform...

4 very sequential techno cuts with synoptic reviews and clearly syncopatic reactions produced with the intention and need of an intense search for new sounds and structures.

Eduardo always shows influences from the early and old pioneers who took control in the techno music business on previous decades...

we can name a few artists like New World Aquarium, Luke Slater or more recently Aubrey that have strongly influenced Eduardo in recent and format times also labels like Shelter Records or Solid Groove are important to be mentioned, they are platforms where Eduardo has also received notable influences when making this record.


In general terms a very solid 12" inch  with character and over all... a work with personality for the most demanding DJs.


Mastered by Javier “KTC Mastering”

Design - Antonio Romero


Rhod Records.

Copyright © 2019 by Envelope Structure


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