Sarf - Extrapolation EP

Developer, Lag remixes

Sarf - Extrapolation
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Sarf - Intrapolation
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Sarf - Extrapolation (Developer Remix)
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Sarf - Extrapolation (Lag Remix)
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Analog Section returns to its primary nature with a third reference on vinyl format by its head leader Sarf, he assumes a role similar to  an alchemist busied in transforming arithmetic processes into sound structures with two original tracks that do justice to their names.


Developer and Lag are adjudged two equidistant versions with different results, the first emphasizes the depth exerted by a hard enviroment that relies mainly on low frequencies and the contrast of this with an acute tone lacking harmonics. The second exegesis is more direct than the previous ones, the marked rhythm provides energy and perception of the increase in the metric.

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