V.A. - the Art Of Deceiving The Look

Delusions / Ôcktawian / Droneghost / Animatek

Delusions - BCM
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Ôcktawian - Speechless
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Droneghost - Unseen Village
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Animatek - LHS2936
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The Art of Deceiving the Look is a Various Artists with four cuts


- "BCM" is a Delusions track where they have worked on top of their modular synths and drum machines. Looking for atmospheres and dark rhythms!


- "Speechless" by Ōcktawian is a linear minimalist techno track with a lot of strength for the dance floor, mental and hypnotic with abstract arpeggios of the likes of Jeff mills, a good weapon as a DJ tool for the DJ for long and aggressive mixes. ..


- "Unseen Village" by Droneghost is a powerful hypnotic techno track, it has some polyrhythms to create this cyclic & hypnotic sensation and field recordings to make the effects and have background drone


- "LHS 2936" by Animatek is an evocative techno track emulating cadence of minimalist melodies, with a central loop that comes and goes based on multiple samples of the processed bells. LHS2936 is also a celestial body of the milky way to 63.97 light years from the sun and that you can visit whenever you want in the coordinates -31.6875 / 55.5625 / 0.5.

“If I had observed all the rules, I would never have gotten anywhere”.- Marilyn Monroe

Design – TF Concept Design
Mastering – Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio
Producer – ART21

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