Mattias Fridell - Volster - Unis - Bogdan 

Matias Fridell - De Tarvliga Politik
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Volster - Degaussing
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Unis - ISO 9001
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Bogdan - After Us
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The name Mattias Fridell is synonymous with what has made swedish techno the musical powerhouse that it has become. His track „ De Tarvliga Politikerna „ is really authentic and simple groover, but with a lot of energy for dancefloor. Over the past few years, somehow mysteriously, Volster has gradually become one of the most noted fresh gurus of the Croatian electronic scene, leaving his signature through music. His track „ Degaussing „ is repetitive and melodic banger with a playful bassline. Unis is new project made in collaboration with Sev Dah and Nihad Tule. The track and project were created spontaneously and unplanned when Nihad visited Sev Dah. The most beautiful things are spontaneous as well as their track „ ISO 9001 „ which we proudly present. And finally, Bogdan is one of the owner of our label. He is new but promising face from Bosnia. His track „ After Us „ have strong white noise with powerful energy & impact! Expect some vibes from us. Enjoy the music!

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